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Microsoft .NET

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Microsoft .NET Tutorial


After you have studied these chapters, you will know what .NET is.

You will also know that .NET will affect the way you will create Web applications in the future.

Start learning .NET now!

Table of contents

Introduction to Microsoft .NET
This introduction describes what .NET is and what it holds for the future.

Microsoft .NET Core Building Blocks
This chapter describes the core building blocks of Microsoft .NET.

Microsoft .NET Software
This chapter describes .NET development tools, software, standards and applications

Web Services
This chapter describes the concept of Web Services.

Client and Server Standards
W3Schools' own vision about .NET Client and Server Standards

Applications must be Services
W3Schools' own vision about .NET Application Services

Future Proof Applications
W3Schools' own vision about .NET and Future Proof Internet Applications

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From (Copyright Refsnes Data)