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WAP Forum / The Open Mobile Alliance

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The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum developed the de-facto world standard for wireless information and telephony services on digital mobile phones and other wireless terminals. The WAP Forum published an open, global wireless protocol specification based on existing Internet standards, such as XML and IP, for all wireless networks.

The WAP Forum has consolidated into the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and does no longer exists as an independent organization.

The specification work from WAP continues within OMA and can be found at:


The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) is the leading industry forum for developing market driven, interoperable mobile service enablers.

OMA was formed in June 2002 by nearly 200 companies including the world’s leading mobile operators, device and network suppliers, information technology companies and content and service providers. The fact that the whole value chain is represented in OMA marks a change in the way specifications for mobile services are done. Rather than keeping the traditional approach of organizing activities around "technology silos", with different standards and specifications bodies representing different mobile technologies, working independently, OMA is aiming to consolidate into one organization all specification activities in the service enabler space.

You can read more about OMA at:

OMA Members

For a full OMA membership list go to:

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