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About Refsnes Data

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Our mission is to develop well-organized and easy-to-understand online tutorials based on the W3C Web standards.

Refsnes Data

Refsnes Data is a Norwegian software development and consulting company focusing on

Client / Server Databases
Data Warehousing
Internet Database Applications

Our Web Masters


Hege Refsnes   Ståle Refsnes   Jan Egil Refsnes

Hege, Ståle, and Jan Egil Refsnes are the authors of W3Schools. They all have long and solid experience with Internet development.

Today their greatest concern is W3Schools, a web site that has quickly become one of the most popular in the world, with ever increasing visitor traffic.

Hege Refsnes

Hege Refsnes has 7 years of Internet development experience, developing web based solutions for different customers of Refsnes Data.

Hege writes most of the .NET and ASP tutorials at W3Schools.

Ståle Refsnes

Ståle Refsnes has 6 years of Internet development experience, developing web based solutions for The Norwegian Handball Federation.

Ståle writes most of the HTML, JavaScript and VBScript tutorials at W3Schools.

Jan Egil Refsnes

Jan Egil Refsnes is the senior developer at Refsnes Data with over 30 years of computing experience.

"Jani" has been supervising a large number of company critical development projects for oil companies like Amoco, British Petroleum, ELF, Halliburton and Brown & Root. He has also developed computer based solutions for more than 20 governmental institutions like The National Library, state hospitals, the police, and many others.

Jani writes most of the XML tutorials at W3Schools.

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