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About Comments from Visitors

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Thank You, Thank You  .... and Thank You!

We have decided to spend most of our spare time writing free tutorials for the Web. So we hope you understand that we simply LOVE all the nice comments we get from our readers.

To all of you out there, to parents, children, family and friends: Thank you for letting us do this and thank you for supporting us!

Yours Hege, Ståle, Kai Jim, Jani and Tove Refsnes.

Visitor Comments

Why I Recommend W3Schools:

  • Easy explanations
  • Excellent reference guide
  • Try-It-Yourself On-Line Examples
  • Free!


Thank You

You have produced an outstanding website full of endless information. Everything is laid out very well.

I am surprised I found a website this good on the internet.


Thank You

Thank you for this marvelous library!


Thank you so much for your W3Schools.com website!

I'm a professional web designer and scripter.

I use your site for reference ALL THE TIME.


Absolutely astounding!

I stumbled across the w3schools site looking for guidance about XML schemas after several unsuccessful attempts at other sites and hands down w3schools was the most helpful, thorough, and user-friendly site I found. I debugged the mess that MS XSD.exe made to my XML file and was on my way in a matter of hours. Thanks again for making this a free site and an excellent source for my developmental needs.


Best Tutorial Site on the Web!

I've been a web designer for 5 years, focusing mostly on the aesthetics of the web. After much whining and complaining, I decided that learning web languages would be much to my benefit. Learning HTML was fairly straightforward, but when coming across JavaScript, I was completely lost. I wanted to find something off the web, and after many painful and confusing JavaScript tutorials, I came across your website. Its really the most well thought-out, thorough and easy-to-understand website out there!

As I am expanding my knowledgebase, I find myself returning to your site over and over again, and finding all the answers I need! I am incredibly impressed, and incredibly grateful!


W3Schools ! U R the best

If tutorials on the internet were an Olympic event

then W3Schools would take the GOLD.


Best Developer Site on the Web

This is an unbelievably good site! I can't help myself congratulating you. I agree all good comments given previously:

"I will be back again and again and again!!" Karen
"Finally someone did it !" Basil
"I'm still in shock!" Matthias

... and many more!...

In my opinion, this is clearly the best site on the whole internet.

I am a developer and for the first time I felt that I don't need large and messy books any more! The information in the site is very well presented and the site design is perfect. This is the golden ratio in site design!

Again and again congratulations for this wonderful site.


Best Developer Site on the Web

Out of all my hundreds of web developer bookmarks, this is the best Best Web Developer site on the web by a long way.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or expert. This site teaches you from the ground up. A must site for any wannabe or experienced web developer. I shall be passing on this link to a lot of my friends and colleagues.


Oh many-a-day do I dwell on the net,
Learning and teaching all I can get.
Sometimes I struggle but know where to go,
It's called dub-u-three-schools, the Refsneses & co.

When you are feeling that you're worked to the bone,
And there's no worse sound than the boss on the phone.
They never stop demanding it's just: work, work, work!
And your research team's just full-a-jerks.

You need results and they just can't get 'em,
The pressure is on and the sun is settin'.
You just can't think 'bout all that syntax,
You've had a hard day, and you're feelin' a bit-lax. (smirk)

You know that it's time for the one and only,
You know that it's time for no boloney.
You know where to get that code to show,
It's called dub-u-three-schools, the Refsneses & co.

Thanks, dub-u-three-schools, for helping us out,
From newbie's to techie's, it's a big shout out!
A whole lot of effort for all of us here,
Hege-Ståle-Jani-Tove, you're darlings, cheers.


This is THE example of how e-learning should be!



I am a lead programmer with 5 years experience on a lot of platforms (Amiga, PC, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, Playstation...). I was looking for a decent introduction to XML/XSL and had a hard time finding a comprehensive source that linked the two and explained it all well.

I just want to enthusiastically congratulate the people who wrote your tutorials. They are extremely well-explained and filled with examples (almost too much, if there is such a thing!).


I cannot believe your site!

All I want is to learn some XSL. Not too much to ask. I bought a popular book on the subject and the syntax is incorrect and terrible explanation. I search the web and find even more garbage. I finally found your site and cannot believe you solved my XSL problem.


Your ASP tutorial is excellent. I could learn ASP within 2 days.

Hats off!!!! To your team.


Well, there is a lot of debate going on these days whether the Internet really IS a big reservoir of information as hyped. Many frustrated internet users disagree. If I have to give them One conclusive argument that the Internet is Indeed a treasure cove of information, I will just say


Thank You from me and all of those who have benefited from your efforts. May God Bless you all.


I agree with all the others; your W3Schools site is superb.

In particular I learned about CSS from it, and after that I just kept clicking along, absorbing relevant information.

A whole year goes by while I wonder how to do certain things, and today bang, bang, bang. I learn 2 or 3 or them in the space of an hour, and you explain them with a neat perspective too.


I would like to say that I have never come across such a great online training site before.

Your explanations are clear and concise, and very informative. I've been working as a web developer for a year, but I am finding loads more to learn on your site - it's a fantastic resource.

Thank you.

Helen (UK)

Once in a while the sprawling Internet city holds a site that is a jewel in the crown. W3schools is gotta be one of the best gems in the web!

Keep up the good work. Simple, fast, educational , informative, useful, a goldmine for webslingers everywhere. Thank you.

A.L.M. (GIS analyst)

This is truly unbelievable, the best things in life are free; where have I heard that before? To be honest I have never really found that to be true until I came across your site and then of course I just couldn't keep something like that to myself, I just had to tell my friends and now I have decided to also let you know my appreciation because I just have to say thank you. I was glad to see some of the comments from other users and it's obvious what a benefit the site is. Today you have proven that the best things really are free and that you are indeed the Real Mckoy!


Congratulations on Marvelous site

I have been involved with electronics, computers, programming, and the Internet for the whole of my career. I have also conducted a number of classes on the Internet. I was thinking of running some on writing web pages. But there's no point. Your "Schools" are magnificent. The ability to modify examples and see the results (good or bad) straight away is genius. The designer should have a medal.


Wow, wow, wow !

A friend pointed me to your site... and I'm amazed !

So much information, beautifully arranged, easy to find, easy to understand.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !

I've gotten a great job offer, and part of that is due to what I was able to learn (quickly) on your site before the technical interview.

My children thank you, my wife thanks you, and I THANK YOU !!!


Long live w3schools!!!

That's all I can says after I used your service. If I had knew your web site earlier, I would not have spent my time and money to buy some of these printed junk books that have made my life miserable.

I strongly share your view about the .NET and future internet distributed applications. This world has wasted too much time and resources to have repeatedly produced too many useless software and applications that could have be avoid if we could have just produced a few standard components that we can run on all computers.



There are three things I can't live without when I surf the net:

- My download manager

- My personal on-line translator

and ... W3Schools !!!


Emilio from Spain

Where have you been all of my cyber life?

With millions of dot's. out there, you have born the brightest star on the www. Bravo to you for developing the most well written tutorials and the finest designed site imaginable. I go forth now to sing praises to all my contacts so you may live long and prosper.


W3Schools is the best site on the Internet to learn from period !

I have used W3Schools for many months now, and have found that I get a lot more understanding out of a book only after I read through the tutorials on W3Schools. 

The information presented on your website is well laid out in "Short-And-Straight-To-The-Point" examples, which allow people to grasp the concepts quickly and easily.

All I can say is KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !!


Nothing can be better than this!!

I am in the industry for more than 4yrs and I have never seen such a great site before. I feel like I entered the WRAP ZONE (Dangerous Dave). This is the best of all !!


It Just Keeps Getting Better.

Every link I click takes me to more information I didn't even know I wanted.

  • The Layout - makes navigation a non-thought.
  • The Content - Simply Expansive.
  • The Examples - EXACTLY what I need and nothing more.

I dream of building sites that are as easy to use, informative, helpful and productive as this one.


Better than any Book !!

Thank you - Never has one web site been so useful in my general understanding of Web technologies. You have to be congratulated on condensing the right 'need to know' information into your tutorials that  most books take 500+ pages to explain.


One Hour !!!

Your site is Great!!!

In just under an hour I learned more than I did in a five day class.

Thank You!!!


W3Schools is the answer!

In fact, it's become common at my workplace to hear "W3Schools" in reply to questions about HTML. So if somebody asks "what's the syntax for multiple framesets again?", the response will most probably be "W3Schools?" i.e. the person doesn't know but knows somebody who does.

Please don't ever let the site die. It's way too good to ever end!

Thanks for making my life easier!


Thank you so much !!!

I can feel the profound sense of responsibility in the crew of your site while presented with every minor content. I feel very grateful to what you have offered to the steady development of network standard and my knowledge.


Providing Knowledge

Previously, I had to search on the internet to learn any new concepts. I really had a tough time learning new things though all are available on the internet but not compiled at one place.

From the day I got the link to this site, I am really loving it. It really gives me a head start to learn about new concepts in this technology world.

I just hope that this site keeps on getting funding and go on updating the materials with new topics. This would help millions of people to learn.

May all visions of this site come out to be true.


Your Web Site changes unknowns to one simple known.


The most useful and no nonsense resource I have ever seen on the web.


I am so speechless!

Your Site is the best thing next to the invention of the WHEEL!!!!!


You're #1 !!

Well, what can I say? I stumbled across your web site when I was looking for some information about XML and DTDs. I got that information and more, and now I don't think I'll ever go to another web site again. Your web site is simply wonderful. The design, intuitiveness, ease of navigation, simplicity of the content, and the value of the learning tools are the very best I've seen.

I'll be recommending your web site to all my friends. And, I'm sure they'll thank me for it. Keep up the great work.


Feedback from a Programmer

This site is really cool. It's so nicely explained about XML. It's a great achievement for the people involved in developing this XML-tutorial.

Instead of giving a banana and ask us to eat, they peel off the banana in front of your eyes and put the banana into your mouth. Only work left for us is to chew and eat it.

It's really incredible.. Great Great site.


Compliments !!!

I bet this is the best developer site,
One can refer to, whether it's day or night.
The tutorials, they are laid out so right,
Beginner or Guru, you are sure to reach new height.


Great, super!

Finally it all becomes clear! XML- nothing to it after reading the tutorial on your site!

Thanks for sorting out XML for me!


Wow !

Down right superb! I have never learned so much in such a short space of time since childhood. I appreciate your work and professional informative style. Keep up your top notch service, you are a perfect example of why the Internet is here to stay - useful, clear, free information. Some times I do believe what I heard a couple of times "the Internet is a more important invention than the printing press" - you guys are making it that way.

Thanks again and add me to your list of happy users,


CSS Tutorial

Just wanted to add my comment that your CSS tutorials are fantastic.

Thanks very much for the lessons - am about to change my whole website by using style sheets.


Can't get closer to the perfect website !

Impressing work you've done with this site! The tutorials are easy to understand, and the learning factor is the greatest I've seen on the web so far... I've just read your tutorial about XHTML, and I'm speechless!

Have you had offers from W3C to go official yet?


Simply Put...  WoW!!!!

I accidentally stumbled upon your site, and what a "treasure trove" I have found.

I hope this site never goes away, as I will be living the other half of my life (the first half at work *LOL*) here learning HTML.

Thank you for giving access to your site to those of us thirsting to learn HTML. I have found a new home.



I've thoroughly enjoyed reading whatever is there in this site. In fact, I've made it a point to finish all the tutorials on this site so that I'm updated with the latest technology. 

BTW, I have already let my friends know about this site and they're VERY VERY happy to have found this BEAUTIFUL site for learning W3C technologies.


Simply presented, straight forward, informative, with a sensible personal insight into how standards should operationally be used.



Education for free, and for everyone. Just what the WWW is supposed to be about.



This is the best site in every sense of web: easy, fast, efficient and above all the best.

Note that web never made any sense to me till I hit this site!!!!


Very Handy !

Learning on the net had never been so interesting as I always preferred a book than a website.

You have proved me wrong. 


Yesterday I discovered your site.

It's a GREAT site. Great interface, contents & interest, very pleasant colors for reading !!! Don't change anything.

I'm telling all my programmers friends (those who still don't know) about it.



I have only been on this site for an hour or two and already have learnt more than days surfing other sites.

Thank you for your clear, comprehensive teaching methods -just what is needed to learn a new topic. The content can be used both as a walkthrough and then, later, a reference.

Keep this going, and once again, thanks very much.


A Huge Fan

Never before have I seen a more wonderful use for the Internet. Not only is your site free, but it is the best-written, easiest-to-use educational resource available.

I've learned more from a few hours on your site than I have in hundreds of hours at university-level classes.

Keep up the great work!


I don't think that W3Schools is one of the best web sites.

It is the very best site!!!

I have spent lots of time to find a site for good web based tutorials. Now I finally found the greatest here.

Thanks a million!


With all the sites available offering tutorials and endless amounts of information W3 is the one I keep coming back to. Very direct, very effective. Unique - I haven't found another site that presents the student with the opportunity to work with examples.

At first my Favorites folder contained over a dozen or so learning sites and I was spending as much (if not more) time sifting than learning. Frustrating. Now my Favorites folder contains a few learning sites and really the only one I use consistently is W3Schools. Keep up the good work. I personally really appreciate how this site has deepened my knowledge and bolstered my confidence in being able to learn and apply that knowledge.


Boss site !

Got my answers here faster than anywhere else! 

Easy navigation. Logically arranged. Very intuitive.

J. A.

I have tried from four different sources to understand XML, and have found myself lost in a confusion of technical terms and unwarranted assumptions as to my prior knowledge. Only your site has been able to explain it well, and you are a godsend.

Please, please keep it up!

Lisa Z.

I would like to Thank and congratulate you for this wonderful website. I have started to learn VBScript and had been to the Microsoft equivalent and worked my way through their "Tutorials" and found it incredibly difficult. Having spent thirty minutes on your site I have learnt a great deal more and have actually enjoyed it!

I will certainly suggest your site to anyone I know who may be interested in learning any of the topics that you have. My only regret is that I learnt HTML before I found your site.

Yours CMK

What an EXCELLENT explanation of XML! I simply MUST tell you. 

I hear and even read a lot of nonsense about XML (and other stuff) but your site explains it all in a way that is so very clear, I never could have imagined it.

Keep up the good work!


It is hard to believe!

A million thanks is less for w3schools team. HATS of to the team for helping me learn XML with DTD, XSL etc in just hours. I just went from 4 to 9 in scale of 10.


I had so many sites bookmarked - one for HTML tags and rules, one for CSS, one for JavaScript - because who can remember every single tag? I have taken lessons from professional organizations, but I always forget some tags, some properties, then I find I need to use them, so I need to spend hours tracking them down.

But not any more!  W3Schools.com is excellent.  Everything I need to know is here,  and your "example" sections, where you can change elements and immediately see what the changes will do, is absolutely brilliant. You have done a terrific job, and I will be sure to tell others about it. It is an excellent resource, the best I have found.



P.S. Your English is fine, I make worse typing mistakes every day.

I can't thank you guy's enough for sacrificing your free time to develop such a great site.

I learned more in the first day I visited your site then what I have learned in my whole school vacation with programming in HTML (not that it was useful with the experience I gained, but it would have been a lot easier if I knew about your site then!).

I was amazed after what I could do with CSS after I went through your CSS school (the basics) and then to think I programmed everything in HTML with the layout. I don't want to think on the time I wasted with changing my layout in the HTML. With CSS the complete website changes when I edit just one line of code in the CSS file.

I can only say: Keep up the great work!



I have to tell you that this material is fantastic! I actually write training materials for a software vendor and conduct client training. The training I do is a little different because I write training manuals and conduct face to face training at large training facilities where participants can access the applications and use live data. 

I logged on to your site knowing absolutely nothing about HTML. I have gone through a little more than half of the basic HTML materials. I have found the materials to be well-organized, easy to understand, and well-illustrated with the interactive examples. I found the interactive lessons very informative.  My personal style of learning is what I call "head banging". I have to try it--make it work and make it break--to understand it. 

I can't wait to log on again and work through some more lessons. Keep up the good work!


I have just read 300 pages of "Developing XML Solutions" - from Microsoft and still cannot produce one ounce of XML. But after reading your XML Tutorial I made a simple page that displays extracted data in 15 minutes!.

Your Tutorial is fantastic THANK-YOU.

Keep up the great work.


Like a kid in a candy store

Thanks for the great site!  I found it today and have been like a kid in a candy store.



Hi, the sites are great, the DHTML stuff is brilliant.

I'm only 14 but when it comes to website design I know when I've found a goldmine of resources, and your site is just that, thanks.


Let me tell U , U have been very successful in your mission to develop well organized and easy to understand online Web tutorials based on W3C Web standards. I found your site very useful !!


This is the best tutorial I've had in all my life. Everything is explained in such a simple manner that I get the impression that programming is the simplest thing in the world.


I point to your site as an example of how to teach on-line. 


Everything is clear now !


Just started learning XML. Your "Introduction to XML" is an excellent intro to XML.


Like the site. I'm starting at the beginning and reading every word. :-)


I think that you web tutorial is simple enough for a 9 years old kid to understand.


Let me just say that your site "ROCKS"!!! This site is a great way to reference basic syntax or get up to speed on the latest web technologies - kudos to you!!!

Again - I think your site is amazing & I am telling every dev/geek I know about it.


Thank you for providing this free course.

I am on a disability pension and there is no way I could afford these classes otherwise.

Thanks again.


Thank you for creating this site. The tutorials I have seen here are better than most commercial products that cost hundreds of dollars. You provide a real service to those of us who are struggling to learn while working a full time job.

So far your tutorials are the most error free technical writing I have seen in a long time. So much of what is available in technical literature today is is so poorly written and composed , it is nice to see someone concerned with the written presentation of their work.

Charles and Linda

Thanks for a great site!

I've been assigned to work on style sheets for a project here, and had no idea where to start. W3Schools has been a dream come true! I've been through XML School, XSL School, and am currently working through DOM. It's clear, and simple.

In particular, I like the way that there are no "extra" things hiding in the code. (All too often, I've seen tutorials where they try to show you the XML, but at the same time they use strange HTML tags and you find you're trying to learn two things at once.


The most useful site I have ever come across.

I know plenty of HTML, but never really touched on ASP. Now I have no problems. After discovered that the people who ran the site were Norwegian, and I went and saw the Norwegian women's Olympic soccer team kick ass last night, I just had to write in and congratulate you guys on two achievements!


Your basic tutorials are excellent -- clear and beautifully written.


It's the best Website for learning ASP, ADO, XML, DHTML that I have come across.

Very well laid out. You have kept it simple and without any gimmicks. I know what to expect, I can find what I need at a glance.

The lessons are small, simple, succinct and I can lookup something or learn something even when I have just a few minutes at hand.

Your examples are great, tied in with the flow of  the tutorial, and gives me an opportunity to skip them if I want (I never do that though!!). Your lessons have brought me up to speed on a lot of things I require at work. After going through these lessons I can pick up a book and understand what they are talking about!!


Great Web Site, I've learned a TON!


You guys have done a terrific job with your web site, and it has now become my starting point for anything new I want to learn. The language is great, your style of teaching is superb ! I have recommended your site to many friends.

Thanks for a truly beneficial learning point & keep up the good work !


As a web developer, I think this is one of the best sites on the whole internet !!

Design and layout 10
Content 10
Navigation 10
Resources 10

simply perfect, congratulations on a site well done.


We, the developers, hate running around the web to find the precise learning material on any web subject. All we come across around the web is:

  1. Insufficient information - They give only half info and redirect to some other site for additional info.
  2. Restricted access - We have to fill in username/password to seek info. This is just disgusting.
  3. Jazzy, bright layout/colors and jam packed navigation confuses and irritates you and you don't know what to find where.
  4. Hi-fi jargon which is understood (???) by only marketing/management high-flying people and not by we techies. Other sites don't write in lucid language...Good that you are Norwegian and not American.
  5. Starting a subject off from anywhere without basic info (assuming user has all the pre-requisite knowledge).

You have provided a very ideal site which lacks all the above flaws in other sites. I am sure all developers wanted to have a single and simple place for learning and don't need to wander around the mad web...All my wishes with you...


Rock and Roll!!

You rock! This is one of the best information sites I've ever been to. Thanks for your help, it's truly appreciated!!!!


I've just touched the tip of the iceberg. You are on my wavelength.


Excellent Pages!

Congratulations on easily the best site on the web to learn web technologies!

Nothing else I have seen comes close.


I'm still in shock!

I went to your site for the first time yesterday, and I'm still in shock - so much information, so very well structured!

It's a great resource as well as an example for information management.


Very impressive!

Not only do you provide excellent information on the various topics, but you have organized your site and present it's structure with a beautiful simplicity.

This is definitely a site I will bookmark and use as an example of 'best in class'.

It is also a site I will visit often...


Well Done!

This is the first time I've been compelled to write to anyone about their web site.

Your web site is fantastic - informative, concise and direct. It is a pleasure to read and as far as content goes it has the most useful info I've seen on the web. May I also compliment you on your English too. I am going to spend many days on your site learning about all the web languages. This is not good though, my girlfriend will kill me!


Thank you very much!

This is the best tutorial web site I have ever found for any subject, and I look at a lot of them.

Both my boys, aged 12 and 14 have learned HTML in one weekend and enjoyed it.


Your web site asks me to tell you what I think of it.

I just spent the afternoon at your "XML School" and found it to be one of the best written sites about a web technology that I have found.


You have the site I have been looking for.


Great job!

Your ability to communicate the "essence" in minimum number or words is a great service for impatient people like me who like to get the bottom line message without wasting time. If I can be of any help in any way let me know.


Dear Postmaster.

I know that you are a very busy person, so I will get straight to the point. I am very thankful for you Web page.

I am only 16 and nobody would tell me how to do HTML, then when I found your link, I was ready to fall out of my chair.

Your page helped me so much, and I am Very grateful. Also, thank you for making it free information.

I know you will read hundreds of these letters a day, So thank you for your time



You have one of the best sites of its kind. I've been to most of the ones out there and yours is superior.

It is incredibly  well organized.

I just went though the ASP school. I can't imaging how much work you have put into this.


You people are the best tutors!


Just wanted to let you know that I'm going to spread the propaganda. Your site is chock full of useful stuff and it's organized awesome.

Keep up the killer work. I'll be here a lot.


You have done more to explain just how XML and XHTML function than any other site I have tried. Most XML sites provide a great deal of information on the topic, but fall real short when it comes to the how-to information. This is where your site picks up the slack.

XML is more complex than HTML and should be explained with more intricacy. To be specific, I look for information on loading and parsing code, browser support. Your site is the only one that has this information.

Keep up the good work. Your doing a great job.


World Best Website !!!

I have searched the web for hours and hours to find a "learn HTML"-page, but the pages I found were either too "basic" or too advanced... and all of them were written in language that was hard to understand (I'm from Sweden...).

Your page is the best page about HTML on the net! Everything is easy to understand and the page really covers every aspects of the theme. You guys really deserve the "World Best Website"-price!



I'm currently a Library and Information Science major. This summer, as part of my program, I've been learning to design web pages.

One of our TAs directed us to your site when we were having trouble.  It was truly one of the best resources on the web that I have ever seen.  Over the last seven weeks, I have used it constantly for quick information about how something works. It CLEARLY explains things, and it is easy to navigate and find the information that one is looking for.

Thank you so much for this great resource.  It's a fabulous site for anyone who has questions about web development.


Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

I have been searching for a logical, well-written, easy-to-understand training resource for Web development languages (HTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, ...) and I feel as if I have struck gold!

I have lots of experience with PC based database programs (Access, FoxPro, Paradox,  etx..) and programming languages - but am just starting to get into Web development. (OK - so I'm a bit behind the times...).

I am sure that I will be a regular.


Dear Sirs

Since I am involved in an XML overview documentation project (server side & client side) for my company and was searching thru the web for some time to find any useful information regarding the subject, I happened to stumble upon your page, which provided me with very accurate as well as easily understandable information while not having to read thru hundreds of pages.

Keep up the good work & congratulations !



I just went through your XSL Tutorial, and it's the best basic XSL tutorial I have found after searching for information for the last two weeks.



Finally someone did it !


I will be back again and again and again!!


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W3Schools' Online Certification Program is the perfect solution for busy professionals who need to balance work, family, and career building.

The HTML Certificate is for developers who want to document their knowledge of HTML, XHTML, and CSS.

The JavaScript Certificate is for developers who want to document their knowledge of JavaScript and the HTML DOM.

The XML Certificate is for developers who want to document their knowledge of XML, XML DOM and XSLT.

The ASP Certificate is for developers who want to document their knowledge of ASP, SQL, and ADO.

The PHP Certificate is for developers who want to document their knowledge of PHP and SQL (MySQL).

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