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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will W3Schools always be Completely Free?

Yes. W3Schools will always be free.

When we created W3Schools, we wanted it to be completely free and we are doing our best to keep it that way.

The costs of running this site and the costs of writing the tutorials, are covered by people that want this web site to be a completely free developers portal. 

How can W3Schools be kept Completely Free?

The concept of running a completely free e-learning portal is based on the support from sponsors. To keep the sponsors happy, we need our visitors to stay here and to return often. Off-line surfing of W3Schools reduces our possibilities to continue making this a better school.

The best thing you can do to let W3Schools stay on the internet forever, is to use it. The more you use it, the more visitors we get, and the more content we can provide. This way W3Schools will get better and better.

Tell everyone you know about us, link to us, help us get more new visitors and we will continue to give you the best!

Can W3Schools be Downloaded?

Very often we are asked by educational institutions and others, if their students can download our tutorials so that they don't have to be on-line when studying them.

We are also often asked if it is possible to read our tutorials off-line by people who want to reduce their telephone bills.

Some people even ask us if our tutorials are available in books, as a hardcopy, or on a CD.

The answer to these questions is NO.

We are truly sorry that we cannot help you with this, but if you read the previous paragraphs, we hope it can help you understand why.

Also keep in mind that Web technology changes so fast that offline tutorials will quickly become outdated.

Who is winning the browser war?

Maybe we don't know the answer - but if you are interested in which browsers you should develop your future software for - take a look at our browser statistics.

How did we add a Favicon to our Web Site?

In Mozilla-based browsers (like Firefox), Internet Explorer, and Safari, it is possible to customize a little icon that shows up in the address field and in the Favorites list of the browser.

You can create FREE animated or still favicons from regular images at FavIcon from Pics!

Or you can design one yourself for FREE at favicon.co.uk!

Note that:

  • the REQUIRED size of a favicon is 16x16 pixels
  • save the icon as "favicon.ico"

Now, add your own customized icon to every folder on your web site (remember the root folder).

Next time a visitor adds your page to their favorites, they will see your fancy little Favicon next to the text.

How does it work?

When someone bookmarks your page, the browser will look for an icon file called "favicon.ico". If you have a file called "favicon.ico" this icon will be placed next to the text, and if not - the standard browser icon will be placed next to the text instead.

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