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The Norwegian Opera

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Latest Opera Releases

Opera 9.5 (for Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris) - Released in June 2008.

Opera 9 (for Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris) - Released in June 2006.

Opera 8.5 (for Windows, Mac, and Linux) - Released in September 2005.

Opera 8 (for Windows) - Released in April 2005.

About Opera

Opera Opera started out as a research project in Norway's telecom company, Telenor, in 1994, and branched out into an independent development company named Opera Software ASA in 1995.

Opera Software ASA develops the Opera Web browser and is an industry leader in the development of Web browsers for the desktop and device markets.

The Opera browser has received international acclaim from users and the industry press for being faster, smaller and more standards-compliant than other browsers.

Is It Free?

Yes, the Opera browser is free! The earlier banner ads and the licensing fee are removed!!

Web Standard Compliant

When you make your Web site work in Opera, you can be certain that it is open and accessible. Simply write your pages in standards-compliant code, and your site will work in all major browsers and for all major platforms and operating systems.

Opera supports all major Web standards currently in use, including CSS 2.1, HTML 4.01, XHTML1.1, HTTP1.1, DOM 2, ECMAScript (JavaScript), PNG, WML 2.0, SVG 1.1 tiny, Unicode, and the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm.

Opera 9.5 Features

New browser engine - The fastest browser in the world has been even faster. Opera 9.5 is quicker to start, faster at loading Web pages and better at running Web applications.

Quick Find - The Opera browser remembers not only the titles and addresses, but the actual content of the Web pages you visit.

Opera Link - Syncs your bookmarks and Speed Dial between your computers and mobile phone.

Download Manager with BitTorrent - Opera has built-in support for BitTorrent, which makes it easy to download Torrent files without the need for a separate application.

Zoom and Fit to width - If it is difficult to read the content on a page, use Opera’s Zoom button to resize Web pages. If a page is too wide for the screen, the “Fit to Width” button resizes the page so you avoid horizontal scrolling.

Built-in e-mail and newsfeeds - Opera has a built-in e-mail client, and newsfeeds are stored on your computer so you can read them later, even when you're offline.

Fraud Protection and EV - In Opera 9.5, Fraud Protection is enabled by default (warns you about fraudulent Web sites). In addition Opera 9.5 support Extended Validation certificates (EV). This provides added assurance and trust for secure Web sites.

Opera Dragonfly - Opera 9.5 includes a preview version of Opera Dragonfly, an upcoming developer tool. Opera Dragonfly makes web development using Opera easier than ever, both on your computer and mobile phone.

Opera Features

Opera has automatic Popup Blocking.

Tabbed Browsing is a modern and time saving feature. It makes it possible to view many web pages in one browser window.

Transfers Panel is Opera's download manager, with quick access to ongoing and recently finished downloads.

Opera's user interface is translated into multiple languages, and the language can be changed on the fly.

Opera has Customizable Toolbars, allowing the users to add and remove items as well as create new toolbars.

By choosing between different Skins, the users can change the look and feel of Opera.

Opera has direct access to Google's "related pages" feature, available from the "Navigation" menu.

Double clicking on a word on a page will pop up a menu that provides options related to the selected text, such as a Web, dictionary or encyclopedia search.

Opera provides Web authors with immediate access to Page Validation, thus encouraging good practices on the Web.

More about Opera

Opera Software ASA has been a privately held company - headquartered in Oslo, Norway - until they went public in March 2004.

More information and Opera downloads is available at: www.opera.com.

Opera Version Statistics

The following table is a breakdown of the Opera numbers from our Browsers Statistics:

2009 Total O 9 O 9.5 O 10 Other
January 2.3 % 0.2 % 1.9 % 0.1 % 0.1 %
2008 Total O 9 O 9.5 O 10 Other
December 2.4 % 0.2 % 2.0 % 0.1 % 0.1 %
November 2.3 % 0.3 % 1.9 % 0.0 % 0.1 %
October 2.2 % 0.4 % 1.7 % 0.0 % 0.1 %
September 2.0 % 0.4 % 1.5 % 0.0 % 0.1 %
August 2.1 % 0.5 % 1.5 % 0.0 % 0.1 %
July 1.9 % 0.6 % 1.3 % 0.0 % 0.0 %
June 1.7 % 0.6 % 1.0 % 0.0 % 0.1 %
May 1.5 % 1.3 % 0.1 % 0.0 % 0.1 %

These statistics are based on W3Schools users.

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