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www.careerbuilder.com - Information on education, career paths, and breaking into the IT world.

For Jobseekers

CareerBuilder features jobs from 75+ career sites, personalized job hunting tools, skills certification, and great articles.

For Employers

Post your jobs to CareerBuilder IT Careers to streamline your company's recruiting process and connect with skilled candidates quickly and easily.



www.computerjobs.com - Founded in 1995 by and for information technology professionals. The company provides its visitors with high quality computer-related job opportunities and career-related content organized into 18 vertical skill sets and 19 major metropolitan markets.

For Jobseekers

With a ComputerJobs.com account you can see the jobs that match your skills. If you think a job looks interesting - you can save it and store notes about it and make comparisons with other jobs. You can save your search criteria so you can come back and find the jobs you want with one click. You can also look at available jobs in different regions, or in different skills.

For Employers

At ComputerJobs.com, you'll find the qualified technical professionals you need, when you need them. ComputerJobs.com provides faster, more detailed and more affordable access to select technology professionals in your local market.



www.docinc.com - Dedicated Onsite Consulting (DOC) is committed to establishing long-term business relationships, recruiting highly qualified technical professionals and providing an invaluable business service to our clients.

For Jobseekers

Search for an IT job at DOC Inc. You can also post a resume.

For Employers

The Account Executives at DOC work closely with clients to establish what qualifications are needed to accomplish each company's business goals. This process helps the recruiting staff identify the most qualified candidates for the job.



www.itjobs.com - ITJOBS is an important alternative to the many poorly organized "job match" websites that are out there on the Web.

For Jobseekers

ITJOBS was created to help you, quickly and efficiently, locate and access the many opportunities that now exist. ITJOBS is a user friendly tool to help you identify those jobs that you qualify for -- and, more importantly, that meet your own specifications/requirements.

For Employers

ITJOBS.com serves the needs of companies that demand the best selection of quality IT talent.

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oXygen helps you learn to define, edit, validate and transform XML documents. Supported technologies include XML Schema, DTD, Relax NG, XSLT, XPath, XQuery, CSS.

Understand in no time how XSLT and XQuery work by using the intuitive oXygen debugger!

Do you have any XML related questions? Get free answers from the oXygen XML forum and from the video demonstrations.

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