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SVG Shapes
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SVG Examples

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SVG Elements Reference

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The SVG elements from the W3C Recommendation (SVG Version 1.1).

SVG Elements

The links in the "Element" column point to attributes and more useful information about the specific element.

Element Description
a Defines a hyperlink
altGlyph Allows control over glyphs used to render particular character data (e.g. for music symbols or Asian text)
altGlyphDef Defines a set of glyph substitutions (e.g. for music symbols or Asian text)
altGlyphItem Defines a candidate set of glyph substitutions (e.g. for music symbols or Asian text)
animate Animates an attribute or property over time
animateColor Specifies a color transformation over time
animateMotion Causes an element to move along a motion path
animateTransform Animates a transformation attribute on an element
circle Defines a circle
color-profile Specifies a color profile description
cursor Defines a platform-independent cursor
definition-src Defines a separate font definition resource
defs A container for referenced elements
desc A text-only description for elements in SVG - not displayed as part of the graphics. User agents may display the text as a tooltip
ellipse Defines an ellipse
feBlend SVG filter. Composites two objects together using different blending modes
feColorMatrix SVG filter. Applies a matrix transformation
feComponentTransfer SVG filter. Performs component-wise remapping of data
feComposite SVG filter.
feConvolveMatrix SVG filter.
feDiffuseLighting SVG filter.
feDisplacementMap SVG filter.
feDistantLight SVG filter. Defines a light source
feFlood SVG filter.
feFuncA SVG filter. Sub-element to feComponentTransfer
feFuncB SVG filter. Sub-element to feComponentTransfer
feFuncG SVG filter. Sub-element to feComponentTransfer
feFuncR SVG filter. Sub-element to feComponentTransfer
feGaussianBlur SVG filter. Performs a Gaussian blur on the image
feImage SVG filter.
feMerge SVG filter. Creates image layers on top of each other
feMergeNode SVG filter. Sub-element to feMerge
feMorphology SVG filter. Performs a "fattening" or "thinning" on a source graphic
feOffset SVG filter. Moves an image relative to its current position
fePointLight SVG filter.
feSpecularLighting SVG filter.
feSpotLight SVG filter.
feTile SVG filter.
feTurbulence SVG filter.
filter Container for filter effects
font Defines a font
font-face Describes the characteristics of a font
g A container element for grouping together related elements
glyph Defines the graphics for a given glyph
glyphRef Defines a possible glyph to use
line Defines a line
linearGradient Defines a linear gradient
metadata Specifies metadata
path Defines a path
polygon Defines a closed shape that consists of a set of connected straight lines
polyline Defines a set of connected straight lines
radialGradient Defines a radial gradient
rect Defines a rectangle
script Container for scripts (e.g., ECMAScript)
set Sets the value of an attribute for a specified duration
style Allows style sheets to be embedded directly within SVG content
svg Defines an SVG document fragment
title A text-only description for elements in SVG - not displayed as part of the graphics. User agents may display the text as a tooltip

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