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ADO Stream Object

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Stream Object (ADO version 2.5)

The ADO Stream Object is used to read, write, and manage a stream of binary data or text.

A Stream object can be obtained in three ways:

  • From a URL pointing to a document, a folder, or a Record object
  • By instantiating a Stream object to store data for your application
  • By opening the default Stream object associated with a Record object




Property Description
CharSet Sets or returns a value that specifies into which character set the contents are to be translated. This property is only used with text Stream objects (type is adTypeText)
EOS Returns whether the current position is at the end of the stream or not
LineSeparator Sets or returns the line separator character used in a text Stream object
Mode Sets or returns the available permissions for modifying data
Position Sets or returns the current position (in bytes) from the beginning of a Stream object
Size Returns the size of an open Stream object
State Returns a value describing if the Stream object is open or closed
Type Sets or returns the type of data in a Stream object


Method Description
Cancel Cancels an execution of an Open call on a Stream object
Close Closes a Stream object
CopyTo Copies a specified number of characters/bytes from one Stream object into another Stream object
Flush Sends the contents of the Stream buffer to the associated underlying object
LoadFromFile Loads the contents of a file into a Stream object
Open Opens a Stream object
Read Reads the entire stream or a specified number of bytes from a binary Stream object
ReadText Reads the entire stream, a line, or a specified number of characters from a text Stream object
SaveToFile Saves the binary contents of a Stream object to a file
SetEOS Sets the current position to be the end of the stream (EOS)
SkipLine Skips a line when reading a text Stream
Write Writes binary data to a binary Stream object
WriteText Writes character data to a text Stream object

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