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Playing Real Video Movies

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The <object> element can play Real Video movies.

The Real Video Format

The RealVideo format is developed by Real Media. Videos stored in the Real Video format have the extension .rm or .ram.

The format allows streaming of video (on-line video, Internet TV) with low bandwidths. Because of the low bandwidth priority, quality is often reduced.

The Solution

This is the code required to play a Real Video movie:

<object width="320" height="240"
<param name="controls" value="ImageWindow" />
<param name="autostart" value="true" />
<param name="src" value="male.ram" />

The <object> Element

The width and height attributes of the object element should match the size of the movie in pixels.

The classid attribute uniquely identifies the player software to use. It must be set to "clsid:CFCDAA03-8BE4-11cf-B84B-0020AFBBCCFA". This unique code identifies an ActiveX control that must be installed on the users PC before the movie can be played. If the user does not have the ActiveX control installed, the browser can automatically download and install it.

The param elements supply additional information to the player.

The src parameter should point to the movie (or audio) file.

The autostart parameter should have the value "true" if you want the movie to play automatically.

The controls parameter should have the value "ImageWindow" if you don't want the control buttons to show, or "All" if you want all the controls to show.

Object Reference

Attribute Defines
classid A unique id for the object.
height The height of the object in pixels or %.
width The width of the object in pixels or in %.

Parameter Reference

Attribute Defines
src The source of a RealAudio or RealVideo clip.
controls The visibility of the controls. (See below)
console A console name to link multiple controls.
autostart Automatic start. (true | false).
nolabels Suppression of label texts in the controls window.
reset Resetting the control for playlist.  (true | false).
autogotoURL How a URL is handled. (true | false)
True forwards URL event to the browser.
False uses VBScript event instead.

Controls Values

Value Displays
All Displays a full player with all controls.
InfoVolumePanel Title, author, and copyright and volume slider.
InfoPanel Title, author, and copyright.
ControlPanel Position slider, play, pause, and stop buttons.
StatusPanel Messages, current time position, and clip length.
PlayButton Play and pause buttons.
StopButton Stop button.
VolumeSlider Volume slider.
PositionField Position and clip length.
StatusField Messages.
ImageWindow The video image
StatusBar Status, position and channels.

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